My name is Bri’ and I’m a 15-year-old British expat living in the North West of France, next to the Mississippi, with a view over the Pyrenees from my back window. We even go over to Portugal every Wednesday afternoon…

You may have noticed that I’m slightly random… Just ever so slightly… But don’t worry, you’ll get used to it!

Why start a blog, when I pester my friends enough already? – Well I read that it can only help with my studies in literature that I want to start next year, so here we are!

I’ll probably blog in English most of the time, but just to keep my classmates happy, I’ll post a couple of things in French now and again.

Bonne soirée les amis! *wink*


PS: The name “agirltimeforgot” expresses my love of History, me being a future archaeologist and all that.


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