Music knows no …

Music knows no borders nor walls!

Hello everyone!

I haven’t written in ages, and I’m so sorry about it…

Two weeks ago I was on a school trip in Lille, in the north of France. We met our german pen pals and spent a week there. We visited Brussels and the European parliament, and even had a meeting with Mr Daniel Cohn-Bendit! (He was very friendly). We visited Lille itself, went to see the film “L’écume des jours” based on the book by Boris Vian, we went to the mines in Lewarde, the museum of modern art and we even went to the beach! The weather was awful most of the time, so now half of the class (including muggins, here) has caught a cold! I still had a great time, though! 😀 Unfortunately, I’m now suffering from lack of sleep, and I don’t think I’ll be able to catch up any time soon…

My pen pal was REEEEEEEEEEEALLY cool! 😀 We’d both taken our guitars so we paled together… The songs went from 99 Luftballons to Little Talks 😀 Anything French, German or English! 😀 I think it’s just the best way to prove that “Music knows no borders nor walls”! And one of my class mates made 6 CDs with tons of songs on, so we listened to all of them on the bus and all sang along. This was our “anthem” for the week: 😀 It was so cool! 😀 We even made up actions to go with it!

(Brussels is a lovely place!)

And talking about music, borders and stuff… Well done, Denmark! Yeah, you probably heard, Denmark won the Eurovision Song Contest! My favourite was Iceland, wo came 17th. He was amazing! I’ve never felt such a connection to a song, it was so moving! Well done, Eythor! 😀

(You were the best for me, Eythor!)






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